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42nd UN Human Rights Council Meeting

Current context: India had a face-off with Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir in 42nd regular session of United Nations Human Rights Council.
42nd UN Human Rights Council Meeting 
  • Pakistan demanded to set up a commission of inquiry, which is UN’s highest-level probes for major crisis, to look into the issue of Kashmir.
  • Pakistan has termed the abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir by India as “Indian brutality" in the region.
  • India slammed Pakistan’s comment and said that the parliament of India took the decision after a full debate that was televised and enjoyed widespread support and reiterated that the issue is internal to India.
  • UNHRC aims to protect and promote human rights around the world and is headquartered at Geneva, Switzerland.
  • It was established on 15th March 2006 and investigates human rights violations in UN member states.


Q.1 The United Nations Human Rights Council is headquartered at?
a. Paris
b. Washington D.C.
c. Geneva
d. Vienna
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