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India 9th on Happiness Index

Current context: India ranked 9th among 28 global markets on the Happiness Index 2019.
India 9th on Happiness Index
  • It is an online survey done by Ipsos over 1000 individuals in each of the 28 countries.
  • Australia and Canada occupied the top spot in the Index and Argentina, Spain and Russia emerged at the Bottom.
  • It was found that largely the markets of Developed nations had the highest prevalence of happiness.
  • India has seen a 6% drop from earlier 83% in 2018 to 77% in 2019.
  • The “Global happiness index” revealed that Indians consider good financial conditions and physical well-being as a priority criteria to remain joyous.
  • 65% Indian said they feel happy to spend time on Social media, which is more than the global average of 42%.
  • The top sources of happiness for Indians were found to be living conditions (89%), physical well-being (88%), and personal financial situation (83%).


Q.1 What is the ranking of India in the Happiness Index 2019?
a. 1st
b. 4th
c. 9th
d. 11th
e. 20th
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