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K-4 Ballistic Missile

Published on January 20, 2020
Current context: India has successfully test-fired the K-4 ballistic missile off the Vizag coast in Andhra Pradesh on 19th January 2020.
K-4 Ballistic Missile 
  • The K-4 ballistic missile is a 3,500 kilometre range nuclear capable missile that can be launched from a submarine.
  • The missile was developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).
  • With this successful trial, India has moved one more step towards the induction of this ballistic missile on the INS Arihant class of nuclear submarines.
  • Only the US, Russia and China have submarine-launched ballistic missiles of 3,500-kilometre range.
  • K-4 is one of the two underwater missiles that are being developed by India for its submarine force and the other one is BO-5.
  • The key features of the K-4 ballistic missile are:
    1. The three-metre-tall missile carries a nuclear warhead of over one tonne.
    2. It’s circular error of probability (the radius of the missile’s point of impact) that is also a measure of the efficacy of its guidance systems was 40 meters or less.
    3. Capable to strike targets from stand-off ranges.
    4. Launch platform‎: ‎Arihant class submarines
    5. Operational range‎: ‎3,500 km (2,200 mi)


Q.1 The operational range of the K-4 ballistic missile is ___________? 
a. 2000 km
b. 2500 km
c. 3000 km
d. 3500 km
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