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India won 6 Gold at Golden Girl Championship

Current context: India's junior Boxing team has claimed 6 gold medals at the Golden Girl Championship held in Boras, Sweden.
India won 6 Gold at Golden Girl Championship 
  • The Boxing Federation of India in a press release said that India won 14 medals, including:
    1. Six golds
    2. Three silver
    3. Five Bronze
    4. The overall championship trophy
    5. The 'Best Boxer' award- is won by Haryana's Prachi Dhankar (50 kilograms), playing in the junior category.
  • The junior women's team clinched five golds, three silvers and one bronze medal:
    1. The gold medallist in the tournament include Prachi Dhankar (50 kilograms), Ethoibi Chanu Wangjam (54 kilograms), Lashu Yadav (66 kilograms) and Mahi Raghav (80 kilograms)
    2. The three silver medals in the junior category were won by Janhavi Churi (46 kilograms) Rudy Lalhmingmuani (66 kilograms) and Tanishka Patil (80 kilograms)
    3. Diya Negi brought home a bronze in the 60-kilogram slot.
  • The youth team secured a single gold and four bronze medals.
    1. Musskan (54 kg) claimed the solitary gold medal
    2. Sanya Negi (57 kg), Deepika (64 kg), Musskan (69 kg) and Sakshi Jahdale (75 kg) settled for bronze.
  • The Golden Girl box cup was founded by Ray Husac and Lina Erlandsson, 2009.
  • The Golden Girl Box Cup is open for all female boxers, all categories.
  • First time in 2009, 70 of the best female boxers in Europe came to fight for the title” GOLDEN GIRL”.


Q.1 The Golden Girl Championship 2020 was recently held in?
a. Berlin, Germany
b. Rome, Italy
c. Kyiv, Ukraine
d. Boras, Sweden
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