Time Use in India 2019 Survey

Published on October 04, 2020
Current Context: A survey titled as ‘Time Use Survey’ was conducted by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.
Time Use in India 2019 Survey
  • The survey shows the measurement of participation of men and women in paid and unpaid activities during the period of January 2019 to December 2019. 
  • The survey was conducted by analysing 1.39 lakh households comprising 4.47 lakh people over the age of 6 years.
  • This survey gives information related to time spent in unpaid caregiving activities, volunteer work, unpaid domestic services of household members, time spent on learning, leisure activities, self-care activities etc.
  • As per the survey report, 38.2% of population engage themselves in employment and related activities They spend around 7 hours and 9 minutes daily each day for this purpose. 
  • When compared gender-wise, only 18.4% women engage themselves in employment and related activities when compared with 57.3% men. 
  • Men spend 7 hours 39 minutes and women spend 5 hours 33 minutes in employment and related activities. 
  • In Unpaid domestic work, women’s participation is around 81.2% as compared to men to 26.1%. The Unpaid domestic work includes cleaning, cooking housekeeping and household activities.
  • In Unpaid domestic work, women contribute around 5 hours of time and men contributes 1 hour 37 minutes of time. Thus, women contributes thrice as much as time in Unpaid domestic work than men. 
  • In Unpaid Care giving activities, women participates to around 27.6% of time and men participates 14% of the time. 
  • As per the survey in India, participation in culture, leisure, mass-media and sports activities through reading ,watching TV is high i.e. at 86.9%, which comprises to around 165 minutes per day on an average. 
  • Participation in social activities like chatting, community participation, mass-media is high i.e. at 91.3%, which comprises to around 143 minutes per day on an average.


Q.1 Who among the following conducted Time Use in India 2019 Survey?
a. IIT Kharagpur
b. Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
c. NITI Aayog
d. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

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