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GAIL to Set up India’s Largest PEM Based Green Hydrogen Project

Published on May 13, 2022
Current Context: GAIL to line Up India’s Largest PEM Based Green Hydrogen Project.
GAIL to Set up India’s Largest PEM Based Green Hydrogen Project
  • The project would be installed at GAIL’s Vijaipur Complex, in Guna District of Madhya Pradesh, and this may be supported by renewable power.
  • This has been designed to produce around 4.3 Metric Tons of Hydrogen per day with a purity of about 99.999% volume.
  • The project is scheduled to be commissioned by November 2023. In line with the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat.
  • GAIL had also commenced India’s first project of blending hydrogen into the gas system in January.
  • As of now, GAIL has been successful in blending upto 2% (v/v) hydrogen in gas within the CGD network.
  • Static Part:
    • What is green hydrogen?
      • Green hydrogen is nothing but regular hydrogen that is obtained by separating hydrogen and oxygen molecules of water by using only renewable energy.
      • Green hydrogen is created by a process called electrolysis. within which an appropriate amount of electrical current passes through water, it separates hydrogen and oxygen.
      • But one condition that regardless of the energy utilized in electrolysis must be renewable of unpolluted energy, which can not release any carbonic acid gas into the atmosphere.
  • Use of green hydrogen:
    • Hydrogen is an energy carrier and may deliver or store an incredible amount of energy.
    • It is employed in fuel cells to get electricity, or power and warmth which in turn reduces the impact on the environment.
    • Hydrogen and fuel cells have the potential to cut back greenhouse emission emissions in many applications.
  • National Hydrogen Mission:
    • The Union allows 2021-22 has announced a National Hydrogen Energy Mission (NHM) that may draw up a road map for using hydrogen as an energy source.
    • Hydrogen as a fuel is already used widely across the globe with a worldwide value of $900 million.
    • China is the current global leader in green hydrogen with an output of 20 million tonnes.
    • In the long run, solar power and biomass are used more to generate hydrogen.


Q.1 Name the process through which green hydrogen is created?
a. Single replacement Process
b. Synthesis Process
c. Electrolysis
d. Double replacement Process

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